ProMAXX PowerDrive Turns Ratchets Into Drills

ProMAXX PowerDrive Turns Ratchets Into Drills

This tool accessory attaches to any 1/4-in. drive and accepts threaded shank machine drill bit tooling.

Pittsburgh, PA-based ProMAXX Tool is introducing PowerDrive (PMXPDT250); a small device that turns any 1/4-in. air or electric ratchet into a powerful torque filled drill.  

This one-of-a-kind tool accessory attaches to any 1/4-in. drive and accepts threaded shank machine drill bit tooling. PowerDrive (PMXPDT250A) comes with one .125-in. cobalt precision tooling bit with additional sizes available.

“ProMAXX has been providing technicians with the ability to bring machine shop level accuracy to the vehicle bay since day one,” said Jeff Del Rossa, ProMAXX Tool president and founder. “Over time, space in the engine compartment has gotten smaller and tighter on some vehicle models. The PowerDrive is our next step in productivity solutions, giving techs the ability to drill more accurately and in tighter spaces than ever before.”

The PowerDrive provides any technician:

  • Increased access to tight areas such as exhaust manifold repairs that fall behind the shock tower in Ford Trucks and under the firewall of GM 
  • More accurate and more precise tolerances than traditional drill chucks 
  • About 1/4 the weight and half the size of the ProMAXX ProChuck (PMXPPC250) adapter 
  • American made steel and produced by American craftsman

ProMAXX believes that this tool will be useful to technicians even when not being used in conjunction with an Exhaust Manifold Repair ProKit. The PowerDrive is available today at or by calling 724-941-0941. 

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