New Orleans RTA Selects New Flyer Electric Hybrid Buses

New Orleans RTA Selects New Flyer Electric Hybrid Buses

The New Flyer buses will be equipped with the Allison eGen Flex electric hybrid propulsion system.

Allison Transmission, in partnership with New Flyer, announced the selection of Allison-equipped electric hybrid buses by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA). The New Flyer buses equipped with the Allison eGen Flex electric hybrid propulsion system will provide a more sustainable transportation solution to the city of New Orleans, RTA said.

“Incorporating buses equipped with Allison’s electric hybrid system directly supports RTA’s mission to provide safe, dependable, efficient transit services to the residents of and visitors to greater New Orleans,” said Lona Edwards Hankins, CEO, New Orleans Regional Transit Authority. “In our region, emergency preparedness is critical. If we’re faced with a natural disaster, the eGen Flex’s rechargeable energy storage capabilities will allow RTA buses to operate without the need to stop often for fuel, or at a charging station.”

eGen Flex is capable of operating up to 50% of a bus’s typical route in engine-off mode, according to the Allison Transmission. The system’s electric-only mode is activated through geofencing technology and eliminates engine emissions and noise while loading and unloading passengers and when operating in pre-defined dense pedestrian areas and zero-emission zones. In addition, the electric hybrid solution allows buses to operate accessories, such as air conditioning and heat.

“Allison is committed to working closely with OEMs and our transit partners as they evaluate technology that helps them reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels,” said Rohan Barua, vice president, North America Sales, Global Channel and Aftermarket at Allison Transmission. “eGen Flex is the solution that can be implemented now to reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals as the industry continues to evaluate fully electric technology.”

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