Demand for REE Automotive Full By-Wire EVs Continues to Grow

Demand for REE Automotive Full By-Wire EVs Continues to Grow

REE has expanded its authorized dealer network, which now covers 66 locations of sales and service across the U.S. and Canada.

REE, an automotive technology company and provider of full by-wire electric trucks and platforms, announced key business updates, leading with its current order value book value surpassing $50 million and the expansion of REE’s authorized dealer network, which now covers 66 locations of sales and service across the U.S. and Canada, the company said.

REE added it continues to grow its presence in Canada adding new dealers – Kaizen Automotive Group and Macnab EV Sales Corp – and one new dealer in Washington, Pacific Mobility Group, to its North American Authorized Dealer Network. All new dealers have placed orders for P7-C electric chassis cabs. The new Canadian dealers service Ontario and Alberta, where fleets can be eligible for both federal iMHZEV and provincial Go Electric incentives totaling up to $150,000 CDN. In Washington, fleets are eligible for federal IRA incentives.

“We continue to see strong demand for our powered by REE electric trucks in North America and we are excited to welcome new dealers, growing our sales and service network to 66 locations in North America,” said Tali Miller, chief business officer at REE Automotive. “Now that our vehicles are FMVSS, CARB and EPA certified and more P7-C trucks are starting to arrive in North America, it is game on for us as we are able to showcase all that our vehicles have to offer by getting them in the hands of fleets.”

REE also has expanded its roster of partnerships with leading body builders by collaborating with Hackney, a North American manufacturer of side load beverage and vending bodies. Hackney’s solutions can integrate with the P7-C chassis cab, designed to allow fleet customers a reduced design time while still allowing for customization.

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