Ford No Crank/No Start, Multiple Warning Lights and/or DTCs

Ford No Crank/No Start, Multiple Warning Lights and/or DTCs

Customers may state they’ve experienced intermittent no crank/no start conditions in their vehicle.


2017-2020 Ford F-150


Customers may state they’ve experienced intermittent no crank/no start conditions in their vehicle or are seeing multiple warning lights illuminated in the gauge cluster. 

Here is a list of possible codes:

• P1702, P1921, U0100:00-08, U0100:00-28, U0131:00-08, U0131:87-08, U0155:00-08, U0253:00-08, U0401:00-28, U0401:81-08, U0401:82-08, U0420:82-08, U0452:82-08, U0553:00-0B

You may not be able to duplicate the no crank/no start condition, but you may see many (or all) of the codes listed above stored in the modules. U0140, U0155, U0253, U0401 and/or U0452 can indicate excessive network traffic on the controller area network (CAN) Bus, causing the FCIM to lock up. So, where do you start?


1. Remove the TCM cover. Inspect the harness connector to the TCM and inspect the nearby ground connection. Disconnect and inspect the TCM harness connector (C1822 in Photo 1) for corrosion, water intrusion or terminal contact issues. Disconnect and inspect the nearby ground connection (G306 in Photo 1) for corrosion. These components are mounted outside of the frame and are subject to road spray and debris. Repair or replace as needed, then proceed to Step 3.

 2. If the harness and connector appear to be OK, the Transmission Range (TR) sensor may be faulty, follow normal diagnosis.

3. Clear the DTCs.

4. Perform a battery reset (BMS).

5. Run a self-test on the FCIM.

6. If the symptoms are still present, continue with normal diagnosis.

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