Chrysler Steering System 

Chrysler Steering System 

If one or more conditions from the list are confirmed to be present, refer to the detailed service procedures.

Steering Inspection After a Collision 


2011 – Current FCA Group Vehicles 

 If the vehicle is involved in a collision where the airbag has been deployed or the steering wheel is visually deformed, then steering column replacement is required. Internal component damage from such an event may not be visible; however, steering column replacement is required. A repair facility must check for the conditions listed below before returning the vehicle to the customer. If one or more conditions from the list below are confirmed to be present, Refer to the detailed service procedures available in the service information.

  • Steering wheel is off center. 
  • Vehicle pulls left or right. 
  • Perceived column/steering wheel free play. 
  • Steering wheel has fore and aft looseness. 
  • Perceived dash, vehicle, steering wheel vibration by driver. 
  • Difficult steering in either or both directions. 
  • Steering catches/sticks. 
  • Steering wheel does not return to center position. 
  • Excessive road feedback. 
  • Noise or vibration such as a rattle, excessive clunk, popping, squeaking, rubbing, scrubbing or knocking.

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