Monitor Water Quality When Servicing Coolant

Monitor Water Quality When Servicing Coolant

The harder the water, the more likely the water pump is to develop a leak.


Chrysler/Dodge/RAM 2013-2024 All Models

Through warranty analysis and component testing, it has been confirmed that filling the vehicle cooling system with any water other than distilled water can lead to coolant leakage through the water pump mechanical seal. If “tap or well” water is added to the cooling system to dilute concentrated coolant, hard particulates and minerals that may be present in most “tap or well” water will build up between the water pump mechanical seal faces as the coolant mixture passes through the mechanical seal and evaporates by design. The harder (poorer the quality) the tap or well water, the more likely the pump is to develop a leak.


In order to avoid vehicles returning with coolant leaks from the water pump after a cooling system service has been performed, we recommend the following:

Always refill the cooling system using prediluted 50/50 coolant or Mopar concentrated coolant diluted with distilled water only (DO NOT DILUTE WITH TAP OR WELL WATER).

If the shop has a properly maintained Reverse Osmosis Water Purification system it may be used for diluting concentrate if distilled water is not available. Well water should never be used.

Also, if topping off a vehicle that is found to be low on coolant, always top off with prediluted


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