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Monitor Water Quality When Servicing Coolant

The harder the water, the more likely the water pump is to develop a leak.

Subaru EJ25 Head Gasket Problems

Most of the EJ head gasket failures occur around the 100,000-mile mark and start as a slow oil or coolant leak.

Solving Coolant Leak Problems (VIDEO)

Solve coolant leak problems for your customers the first time around. This video is sponsored by K-Seal.

Diagnosing Low Coolant Warning Messages (VIDEO)

This video covers what tools you need to find small coolant leaks. Sponsored by K-Seal.

VIDEO: K-Seal The Coolant Leak Repair Specialists

K-Seal has ALL your coolant leak repairs covered.

VIDEO: Slow Or Lazy Oxygen Sensor Maintenance

Andrew Markel explains how coolant leaks and oil consumption can lead to a slow, lazy or dead oxygen sensor. Sponsored by Robert Bosch.

New Year, New K-Seal Website

While the new website has been created to build on the increase in traffic, its aim is to be more user-friendly to the visitors it already attracts, according to K-Seal.