Solving Coolant Leak Problems (VIDEO)

Solving Coolant Leak Problems (VIDEO)

Solve coolant leak problems for your customers the first time around. This video is sponsored by K-Seal.

We at K-Seal realized there’s a lot of confusion regarding cooling system sealants, stop leaks, and other products designed to seal coolant leaks. This video aims to give you the counter professional the confidence in recommending K-Seal products to your professional and DIY customers.

I’ll bet you feel safe selling engine oil because there’s an API starburst on the bottle, and you probably feel just as confident selling break fluid with a DLT specification on the label. What about engine coolant system sealants? What would give you confidence in recommending a product to your professional customers? The answer is the American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, and the testing standard of D3147.

ASTM D3147 is a series of tests that measures the size of a leak or a crack a product can seal. The test also examines if a product will not block passages in heater cores and radiators.

The D3147 test data shows that K-Seal is capable of sealing up to 0.025 of an inch diameter holes and cracks as wide as 0.01 of an inch, and long as 0.5 of an inch while not clogging the radiator or heater core. These specifications and tests mean K-Seal will seal leaks in radiators, head gaskets, cylinder heads, blocks, freeze plugs, heater cores and other passages. All a technician needs to do is shake it up and pour it into the cooling system. K-Seal’s unique ceramic formula is compatible with all types of antifreeze and coolants and does not contain sodium silicates like most of the other brands in the cooling system repair category.

Here’s a little tech tip for you. Sodium silicates and sealants can seal some leaks but silicates can prevent heat transfer, damage coolant temperature sensors, and the abrasive properties can even cause wear to the water pump seals. Our products are formulated with modern bimetal engines in mind. These engines use iron, aluminum and plastic in their construction. K-Seal works on all these materials including the hard plastic and aluminum. K-Seal disperses and flows freely while suspended in the coolant. K-Seal will activate only where and when it is needed.

How does it work? K-Seal has a specially developed blend of ingredients including ceramic microfibers and copper particles. The particles and microfibers instantly begin to mesh when a leak is detected by finding the low pressure point. K-Seal is then cured in three to five minutes by heat and pressure generated by the engine.

Now that we know how K-Seal works let’s look at the three groundbreaking products available to you.

The number one selling coolant system repair product according to NPD Sales Data, a leading sales research firm, is K-Seal ST5501. This true pour and go eight ounce bottle works on cars and light trucks with a cooling system capacity of up to 25 quarts. There’s no need to drain or flush the coolant already in the system. DIYers should use ST5501 when they are losing coolant but are not sure where from. ST5501 is a safe and powerful general all-purpose fix and will stop most leaks. ST5501 should also be recommended on orders where a professional installer is replacing a head gasket, heater core, radiator or other cooling system repairs. K-Seal will protect the repair and help eliminate comebacks if your customer is confident that they are dealing with a leaking head gasket, cracked head, or porous block.

K-Seal ST3501 Ultimate Head Gasket Repair will make a permanent repair guaranteed for the lifetime of the engine with 33% more ceiling power compared to eight ounce pour and go products. K-Seal is so confident that they offer a money back guarantee for Ultimate Head Gasket Repair.

The next in line is K-Seal ST5516 Heavy Duty. This 16 ounce bottle is designed for heavy duty vehicles like RVs, class six, seven, and eight trucks and agricultural equipment with cooling capacities up to 50 quarts. The formulation works for gasoline, propane and diesel engines. K-Seal HD can help to prevent EGR cooler leaks. With K-Seal HD there’s no need to take a commercial vehicle offline, just pour it in and run the engine as normal. The product can prevent costly downtime and in the field service calls.

There you have it with K-Seal Pour & Go, K-Seal Ultimate Head Gasket Repair, and K-Seal HD you have three products that can meet your professional and DIY customers needs for solving coolant leak problems the first time. Don’t just seal it, K-Seal it.

This video is sponsored by K-Seal

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