Ford No Crank/ No Start

Ford No Crank/No Start

Some 2020 Transit vehicles may exhibit an open master fuse in the high current battery junction box


2020 Ford Transit

Customers may state they are experiencing one of the following issues:

  • Multiple warning lights on dash
  • No PCM communication
  • No ABS module communication
  • No crank/no start

Some 2020 Transit vehicles may exhibit an open master fuse in the high current battery junction box (Figure 1). This junction box is located just behind the battery, underneath the driver’s seat.

The master fuses were not serviceable previously, requiring the entire junction box to be replaced. The master fuses are now available as a separate service part.

For master fuses F9 (500A), F10 (300A), F11 (250A) and F12 (150A), use service part number LJ8Z-14526-C.

For master fuses F1 (125A), F2 (80A), F3 (150A) and F6 (150A), use service part number LJ8Z-14526-D.

Tighten M8 nuts to 12 +/- 1.8 Nm (106 +/- 16 lb.-in.). Tighten M5 nuts to 5.4 +/- 0.9 Nm (48 +/- 8 lb.-in.).

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