ASE C1 Test Highlights - Introduction (VIDEO)

ASE C1 Test Highlights – Introduction (VIDEO)

How you talk to your customers matters. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

CC: Welcome to the ASE C1 test prep videos!

Today we are kicking off the series to help you prepare for the C1 test. It is an exciting portion of your career to add the ASE C1 certification to your list of professional credentials. The key feature of this certification is that it follows you wherever you serve customers. Just like when a technician achieves an ASE certification, it is a credential that shows your dedication to excellence in customer Satisfaction.

I am sure all of the things we talk about will either be something you have heard before or things that seem very logical. The problem with our jobs is that there are so many variables and inputs thru the day, we forget to do some of the most obvious things.

I want to highlight the things we will be covering in this series. We will cover them in different order as we go thru the daily routines, but this is the list of things that are covered on the ASE exam.

The test is basically 3 sections:

  • Communications    46%
  • Product Knowledge  36%
  • Shop Operations     18%

Communications will be 23 questions on the test. We will look at the important things to remember when communicating with your customer. These will be broken down into subject of Telephone, Live and digital communications. How do you conduct a write-up. What does follow-up mean. And all the other touch points through-out your day with the customer. There will also be several questions included that deal with sales skills. We will cover that area of your day also.

The next 18 questions will be on product knowledge.

 We will cover the different component areas of vehicles and the areas you need to focus on. Additionally, you will need to focus on maintenance intervals and warranty, service contracts and service bulletins.

The last 9 questions will be focused on shop operations. Here we will talk about workflows, procedures for repair, sublets, appointments. And repeat repairs. This section also deals with internal relations. Documentation and communication with-in the shop as well as your process for staying on top of all of it.

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