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Tech Topics
Three AGM, Gel Cell Battery Myths

Chances are if the battery is not under the hood, it is an absorbent glass mat (AGM) or gel cell battery... More

GMC Sierra: No-Crank/No-Start Condition

Customer Concern: The battery was jump-started with the key on, which resulted in a no-crank, no-start... More

GM Tech Tip: Intermittent No Crank/No Start With MIL On And DTCs Set

This repair can be applied to any electrical connection including, but not limited to: lighting, body... More

VW Tech Tip: No Start/No Crank On Jetta's Keyless Start System

The customer may state that the engine cranks intermittently or will not crank. This condition may be... More

Tech Tip: BMW Intermittent No-Start Problem With A Dead Battery

Some 2006 BMW vehicle owners may complain that their BMW has an intermittent no-start problem and the... More

Gas prices are again expected to climb to nearly $4 per gallon this summer. How will this impact your business?
Positive Impact - 100%
No Impact - 0%
Negative Impact - 0%
New Products
Ranger Introduces New Automatic Leverless Tire Changer

Ranger Products, a division of BendPak Inc., is bringing another new tire changer to market. Its latest... More

Link New Tech's Qwik Draw Proves That Time is Money

Link New Tech has developed its line of Qwik Draw and Power Xtreme fluid exchange equipment to help shops... More

Get 4-Side Access To Your Tools With Beta Tools' Super Tank Tool Cabinet

The C28 Super Tank Tool Cabinet features four-sided access, a workbench top with inserts for mounting... More

Hunter's Revolution Is A Fully Automatic Tire Changer

The Revolution uses the same fully automatic process for all tire and wheel combinations, saving time... More

New Snap-on Split Lid Roll Cart: Ideal Mix Of Storage, Mobility And Durability

The new Snap-on KRSC43 Roll Cart has more than 22,000 cubic inches of space so technicians have the tools... More

News and Opinion
Tech Topics
Beyond the Warranty Maintenance Checklist

What happens after the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties wear out? If you look at any facto... More

Thumping Noise At Cold Start On Honda Accord

Honda Accord owners may report a thump as the ignition switch is released from the start position or... More

Diagnosing EGR And Secondary Air Systems

The perfect internal combustion vehicle would be able to put the exact amount of fuel and air into the... More

Platinum prices, catalytic converter thefts on the rise?

Platinum miners in South Africa went on strike toward the end of January. This situation half a world... More

How Does The EGR And Secondary Air Injection Work With The Catalytic Converter?

The perfect internal combustion vehicle would be able to put the exact amount of fuel and air into the... More

ASE Undercar X1 Specialist Certification: Not What You Would Expect
Are you one of the 7,570 technicians who are ASE-Certified Undercar Specialists? If not, you should be... More
Tech Tip: White Smoke Blowing From Tailpipe?

A classic sign of a head gasket problem is when the vehicle is blowing white smoke from the tailpipe... More

Engine Series: Cummins Diesel Powers Dodge For Nearly 25 Years

When you hear the name Cummins, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most of the time, if you... More

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