VIDEO: Ignition Coil Torque

VIDEO: Ignition Coil Torque

Don’t let improper torquing of the bolt ruin the job. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

When was the last time you took the time to torque down an ignition coil? Most coils attach to the valve cover with just one bolt. It is typically a M6 bolt that can be removed with a 10mm socket, or in the case of this Honda, an Allen socket. You might think that it would a job to tighten this bolt just using feel, but you could damage the coil and create a misfire.

Always apply the specified torque to the mounting thru-bolt for the coil. The specification can be found in the service information.  This Honda requires 12Nm or 8.7 lbft of torque to properly fasten it to the valve cover.

Loose thru-bolts could lead to failures under vibration and cause a poor ground connection.

Over tightened bolts could lead to a cracked coil mounting ear and/or premature thru-bolt failure. Also, you can damage the threads on the valve cover if you are not careful.

The specifications for the bolt are light and in many cases will be in inch pounds and will require a ¼ torque wrench. Never guess with these bolts. When you’re installing a premium coil such as this Blue Streak Import Coil, your customer is expecting a premium job.  Don’t let something as simple as improper torquing of the bolt ruin the job.  You could end up damaging a new ignition coil. Also, it could lead to a diagnostic nightmare. Do the job right, and torque to coil down properly.

This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

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