VIDEO: Can Today's Shop Operator Be An Absentee Owner?

VIDEO: Can Today’s Shop Operator Be An Absentee Owner?

Advice for owners faced with challenges of being an absentee owner. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.


This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Donny Seyfer, co-owner of Seyfer Automotive Inc. in Wheat Ridge, CO Executive Officer for the National Automotive Service Task Force and immediate past chairman of the Automotive Service Association, the largest association in the US representing independent repair shop owners sits down with Babcox Media’s Doug Kaufman in a video podcast to discuss today’s and tomorrow’s business operations.

Drastic changes in today’s business environment mean that business as usual isn’t anymore. But Donny Seyfer offers advice to automotive repair shop owners who are faced with the challenges and opportunities of being an absentee business owner.

It’s a lot of work on the front end, says Seyfer, but having rock-solid operational and emergency procedures in place will make disruptions less problematic. Empowering your staff to make decisions in the best interest of the business in your absence is critical.

If you’re a fireman, you’ll never be an absentee owner, Seyfer says, explaining that a reliable, dependable second-in-command to handle what you do innately gives you the confidence that your shop is capable of weathering your absence. Need to test your process? Leave, and tell your manager not to call unless something happens for which you haven’t planned. If there is a procedure in place, apply it and back your manager’s decision.

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