Stubborn Oil Pressure Light (Video)

Stubborn Oil Pressure Light (Video)

The light could be due to a problem you didn't realize was there. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

CC: Have you ever performed an oil change, and the oil pressure light won’t go out? Did you blame the filter? Did you try a second filter? Did you solve the problem? Chances are you might have solved the problem inadvertently, and it wasn’t the first filter.

During an oil change, when the oil is drained, and the oil filter is removed, the oil pick up and the pump can be drained of oil. When the fresh oil is installed, the pickup tube and inlet becomes submerged, and air is trapped in the tube and also the suction side of the oil pump. The air trapped causes cavitation of the pump and prevents it from pumping fresh oil when the engine is started. This is usually indicated by the oil pressure light staying on for more than ten seconds of cranking.

When you go to install that second filter, by removing the first filter, you are allowing the trapped air in the tube and pump to escape.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, You might try using an oil squirt can or bottle with 30 weight oil to prime the system. First, squirt the oil into the oil filter’s base outlet ports on the engine. This will be the opening next to the threaded stud. It will not do any good to squirt oil into the threaded stud inlet. Next, fill the filter with new motor oil and reinstall. Crank the engine with the ignition coils or the injectors disabled. DO NOT crank for more than ten seconds. When oil spills, reinstall the oil filter. The oil pressure will be back to normal

This video is sponsored by FRAM

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