VIDEO: Recommending The Right Lubricant

VIDEO: Recommending The Right Lubricant

High-mileage vehicles may be the norm, rather than the exception. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Despite what some people believe – I’m looking at you, millennials – getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you have to slow down.
Just look at your customers’ cars. The average age of the cars and light trucks on the roads today is nearly 12 years. That makes this 2012 Charger a youngster! And there are a lot of them even older than that, still running well, still doing what they were originally intended to do – thrill their owners.
The good news for service advisors and customers alike is that these older vehicles can still outperform many of their younger counterparts.
Of course, as with OUR bodies, our cars often need a little help to KEEP performing at their best. Today’s full synthetic high mileage motor oil is designed for anyone who wants to maximize their engine performance while protecting it from the four primary causes of engine failure: heat, friction, deposits and wear. These full synthetic high mileage engine oils start with highly refined base oils to provide the best lubrication at all temperatures while minimizing thermal breakdown. Engineers then blend in a proprietary mix of chemical additives to protect both the oil and the engine. These additives include detergents to minimize deposits, antioxidants to protect against heat, anti-wear additives to minimize wear throughout the engine and friction modifiers to maximize fuel economy and horsepower.
Finally, they add shear stable viscosity modifiers to ensure the oil maintains the correct viscosity at both low and high temperatures. Our full synthetic high mileage oils can be used in any vehicle from modern to classic and are formally approved for the API SP, IILSAC GF-6 and GM dexos1 oil specifications.
When the symptoms are an engine that burns oil, the results are a loss of power, reduced acceleration and decreased fuel economy. Oil seal leaks present a very visible reminder that things aren’t holding up as well as they used to – and the answer may be as simple as an oil change.
To your customers, recommending the right lubricant for their needs is assurance that you have the long-term life of their vehicle in mind. And, when your expert recommendations are based on science and proven research, it’s a win-win the first time. For repeat customers, a reminder that “You know, we installed Valvoline’s 0W20 High Mileage the last time you were in – would you like to stick with that today?”
High mileage vehicles are nothing new – the first high mileage motor oil was first developed in 1999, driven BY consumer practice. High-mileage opportunities continue to roll up to your counter every day. Help them remain relevant with the right lubrication recommendations.

This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

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