Performance Revolution CV Axles

Performance Revolution CV Axles

Are you disappointed with the relatively short lifespan of many aftermarket CV boots? This video is sponsored by GSP Automotive Group.


As auto technicians, quality is the number one goal of every job we do, and it’s not something we ever sacrifice, but many factors determine the specific parts we decide to use. Some people buy cars for economy, and to some people, they are just transportation.  Often, they just want parts that work and last. 

There are some vehicles, however, that people buy because they are designed around the enjoyment of driving. An example of these are luxury late-model imports. There’s a level of performance that’s more than just an expectation of their owners. It’s a defining characteristic that makes the car, and there’s no room for anything other than original equipment (OE) quality parts or better. 

When it comes to constant velocity (CV) axles, there’s an option that both retains and improves on the performance aspects of these cars. It’s the new line of Performance Revolution axles now available from GSP. Designed and available for a wide range of luxury late-model imports, their features demonstrate the technology that makes them perform in a manner which can only improve on that of OE. 

Are you disappointed with the relatively short lifespan of many aftermarket CV boots? With Performance Revolution axles, high-performance boots and clamps are designed for the OE durability we’re used to. 

A proprietary import spline design means developing the Performance Revolution axles was no small matter. Proper spline fit not only improves installation but eliminates noise and ensures the proper preload is maintained on the wheel bearings after the axle nut has been torqued. 

Performance Revolution axles also have a protective coating on the complete axle. This non-porous coated layer on the surface of the metal provides strong and durable corrosion resistance. 

These benefits make it easy to represent quality to your customer. You can talk about increased durability, improved performance, a longer lifespan and the lifetime warranty that is also a feature of Performance Revolution axles. All these factors will be favorably received by owners of luxury import vehicles. 

How can this benefit us as technicians? Installing quality parts that demonstrate your understanding of the technological performance of luxury imports can only improve rapport with your customers, but a direct benefit to us is the inclusion of all necessary hardware for installation. 

Many CV axles call for the replacement of hardware so the proper torque specifications can be attained. Never worry about that again. Never worry about cleaning those incredibly greasy old bolts or fighting with some that have been damaged in the past. 

The bottom line? If you want the best for your customer, the most efficient to install and the satisfaction of a quality job, you’ll want to take a look at Performance Revolution CV axles.  

This video is sponsored by GSP Automotive Group

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