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Pennsylvania Senate Bill Reduces Vehicle Emissions Inspections


Pennsylvania Senate Bill 353, introduced by State Sen. Elder A. Vogel (R-47), seeks to reduce the frequency of emissions inspections for vehicles.


The bill, which is currently before the Senate Committee on Transportation, includes the following provisions:

• Newer vehicles shall be exempt from emission inspection until five years after the model year;

• All other vehicles will be subject to biennial inspections;

• No vehicle shall be required to undergo anti-tampering inspections for emissions control components;

• The Department of Transportation, in consultation with the Department of Environmental Protection, will immediately notify the Environmental Protection Agency of modifications to the vehicle emissions program and of the intent to seek its approval of the plan, in accordance with the requirements of federal law.

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) opposes the 5-year emissions inspection exemption and the shift to biennial inspections. In terms of emissions, ASA believes S.B. 353 poses a risk to the environment and those affected by poor air quality such as the young and the elderly. Pennsylvania’s Inspection/Maintenance program was designed to maintain healthy air quality standards. The lower emissions failure rate in Pennsylvania is indicative of a successful emissions program, says ASA.


ASA-PA President Tom Gebbie said, “We stand ready to work with lawmakers and our partners to address this bill as well as the air quality concerns we all have as Pennsylvanians. The emissions inspection program was designed to maintain air quality standards. We believe this bill will damage the integrity of the program and have a negative impact on the lives of all Pennsylvanians.”

ASA urges Pennsylvania’s independent repairers to send a letter in opposition to SB 353 to their state senator. To send a letter and view the full text of the bill, visit ASA’s legislative website at select Legislation > select State tab > select Legislative Alerts & Updates > select Pennsylvania.

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