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More Than 560 Additional Sensors, Switches, Other Parts Now Available Through Airtex Vehicle Electronics

Company says this aggressive expansion builds on the brand's domestic, foreign nameplate coverage leadership across multiple product categories.

Airtex Vehicle Electronics has announced the addition of more than 560 original equipment-quality and “better than OE” automotive sensors, switches, emissions control components and fuel injection parts to its product line. The company said these additions extend the brand’s coverage leadership across multiple categories for late-model domestic and foreign nameplate applications.

The new parts, which the company says either match the OE technology or improve on original designs, include 241 new sensors, 267 additional switches and dozens of other components designed to help restore like-new vehicle performance and reliability. The new sensor designs include more than 100 ABS wheel speed sensors, reflecting the ever-growing demand for these components, according to Airtex.

“Our aggressive, ongoing investment in product development is ultimately an investment in our customers’ businesses. It’s our goal to help parts providers and vehicle service professionals minimize lost sales through the aftermarket’s best coverage and availability across all makes and models,” said Bill Nonnamaker, vice president of sales and marketing, Airtex Vehicle Electronics.

The company adds that the Airtex product management and engineering teams closely monitor North American VIO data to ensure exceptional coverage of vehicles entering the aftermarket replacement cycle. This, in turn, enables parts distributors to increase inventory efficiency and sell-through, according to Nonnamaker.

“Our channel partners count on us for products and stocking recommendations that help drive sales and maximize ROI. Our quarterly new-part introductions are closely aligned with these goals,” he said.

The complete Airtex Vehicle Electronics product line is featured in the brand’s free electronic catalog at


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