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MEYLE-ORIGINAL Introduces New Exhaust Temperature Sensors/HTS


has made new additions to its range of MEYLE‑ORIGINAL exhaust temperature sensors. The full range of HTS applications now features more than 150 products designed to fit virtually any vehicle.


MEYLE engineers have designed the new range of sensors to OE specifications. Thanks to the large number of intake openings, the MEYLE‑ORIGINAL exhaust temperature sensors (HTS) ensure precise temperature readings and swift data processing, according to the company. The high-temperature sensor has an operating range between -40°C and +1,200°C. The heat protection hose with interior coating ensures maximum insulation and protection against thermal and mechanical overload. The result is optimized temperature control leading to reduced pollutant emission and improved fuel efficiency.

State-of-the-art vehicle electronics are becoming increasingly complex, according to the company. As can be seen during general inspection, German agencies including TÜV, DEKRA and GTÜ evaluate all relevant vehicle systems to the latest technical standards. A failure of even the smallest electronic component, such as a sensor, can cause the vehicle to fail general inspection. Functional reliability of the exhaust temperature sensors has proven to be vital in this context.


The sensors measure exhaust gas temperatures and feed the results to the engine timing unit. Failure of the sensors to provide correct readings can result in suboptimal fuel/air mixtures being injected in the combustion chamber, which in turn will push up fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels. Excessive temperatures also may damage turbocharged engines and catalytic converters. Precise temperature settings in the entire drive train are also essential for active regeneration of the particle filters. Particle filters that are not cleaned correctly or cleaned too late can cause early system failure.

“Exhaust temperature sensors, also known as high-temperature sensors, have to withstand extreme operating conditions. Providing precise, reliable measurements at very high speed is critical for maximum combustion process efficiency. Which is why you should never compromise on the quality of these parts,” said Sven Nielsen, head of strategic product development at MEYLE. “At MEYLE, we have therefore launched a special program dedicated to meeting these requirements 100 percent.”

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