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MANN-FILTER Offers Double Rewards Points

MANN-FILTER is now offering double rewards points to independent repair shops via the ExtremeWrench Rewards Portal.

MANN-FILTER is now offering double rewards points to independent repair shops via the ExtremeWrench Rewards Portal.

The MANN-FILTER brand name is marketed by MANN+HUMMEL, a leading development partner and OE supplier of the international automobile industry since 1941.

MANN+HUMMEL products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, whether for OE application, which are supplied to nearly every leading automobile manufacturer, or spare parts distributed under the MANN-FILTER brand name.

MANN-FILTER products are known for a wide product range. Now, for the first time, MANN-FILTER offers quality filters for U.S. automobiles, too. In the North American market, MANN-FILTER covers.

• More than 95% of European models
• Almost 90% of U.S. and Asian models

ExtremeWrench is the largest internet directory of independent repair shops. All the services provided by ExtremeWrench are completely free to independent repair shops. Interested independent repair shops are welcome to submit their shops to the directory. Each repair shop’s listing can display:
• Carlines Serviced;
• Services performed;
• Affliations;
• Map and Directions;
• On-Line Appointments;
• Car-Done Status Alerts;
• Coupons;
• Contact Us;
• Shop Amenities;
• Shop Ratings; and
• Links to repair shop’s website.

Independent repair shops are invited to for a guided tour.

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