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K-Tool Offers Professional Technician Diagnostic Tools

The new tools include a thermal imaging camera, a video borescope and a smoke machine.

K-Tool International is now offering three new diagnostic tools for automotive, industrial, HVAC and home inspection applications.

The new tools include a thermal imaging camera (KTIXD275), a video borescope (KTIXD3K) and a smoke machine (KTIXD600T). 

“Our new general use diagnostic equipment is durable and efficient for getting the job done,” said Michael Fisher, K-Tool International product manager. “With our multi-purpose diagnostic tools, we can provide users with an easy-to-use experience while providing accurate results.”

The diagnostic products are designed to enable users to quickly troubleshoot vehicle problems and find the most efficient repairs. The product features include:

  • KTIXD275 Thermal Imaging Camera allows the user to see in detail the thermal resolution to better determine the area needed for diagnostics and problem solving. The camera can be operated for more than eight hours and has a temperature range of -4 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • KTIXD3K Video Inspection Borescope gives the user lighted and color visual access into the interior motors, electric components and hard-to-see areas. It features on board storage for up to thirty images and a 180-image rotation.
  • KITXD600T Smoke Machine (Turbo) locates leaks fast on regular and light trucks. With a push of a button, it can be switched to turbo mode to test single, twin-turbo and supercharged vehicles. Built-in air compressors make the unit portable.

All of the new diagnostic tools come with a one-year warranty, says the company.

For more information on K-Tool’s professional technician diagnostics line, visit https://www.ktoolinternational.com/ or contact [email protected].

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