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EnerSys Introduces Group 65 Battery To ODYSSEY Performance Series Product Line

EnerSys has expanded its ODYSSEY Performance Series battery product offering to include the Group 65 battery designed specifically for consumer applications. The ODYSSEY Performance Series 65-760 battery features 762 cold cranking amps (CCA), 129 reserve capacity (RC) minutes and deep cycle capability up to 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge.

power and long service life of the ODYSSEY Performance Series 65-760 battery makes it reliable for truck enthusiasts and ideal for powering the number of onboard accessories found in today’s passenger vehicles and SUVs,” said Dave McMullen, director of commercial marketing for specialty and UPS markets at EnerSys. “We are pleased to add the Group 65 battery to the ODYSSEY Performance Series and provide a wider selection of batteries to customers.”
The battery features a three- to 10-year service life and two-year storage life at 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius), according to EnerSys. It is vibration resistant, classified as “non-spillable” by the U.S. Department of Transportation and includes a limited four-year full replacement warranty. It also corresponds to Battery Council International (BCI) Group 65.
For more information about ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries, visit www.odysseybattery.com.


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