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Branding Your Cabin Air Filter Service (VIDEO)

It’s important your shop partners with brands your customers recognize. This video is sponsored by Purolator.



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According to marketing surveys, it takes five to seven impressions to build brand awareness with consumers. Of those consumers, 59% said they would prefer to buy from brands they trust. How do you leverage this to sell a cabin air filter? Simple. Partner with brands your customers recognize.

I have a story for you. Back in the 1990s, a chemist, who was a smoker, came up with a concoction. When sprayed, it eliminated the cigarette smell. It was so good his wife thought he quit smoking. After testing and research, the product Febreze hit the shelves. Over the next 25 years, the Febreze brand has made billions of consumer impressions.


How does this help you sell cabin filters? Simple. Branding. When you are presenting the customer with the estimate for repairs and maintenance, you have a minimal amount of time to get approval. In many focus groups, they found that most consumers take less than seven seconds to decide about a product or service. Cabin air filters as a product category lack strong awareness among consumers, especially women.

Pairing a superior filtration brand like PurolatorBOSS with a powerhouse consumer brand of Febreze gives your customer a compelling reason to buy. PurolatorBOSS Premium cabin air filters with Febreze freshness gives you a product that not only has a positive brand image but offers significant benefits to your customers.


These cabin air filters are designed with triple-layer protection. This powerful combination blocks and controls odors while, at the same time, filters virus aerosols, a critical benefit in today’s health-conscious environment. The filter captures up to 99% of fine dust particles, inert allergens, and pollen, as well as preventing mold and bacteria growth on the filter. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to see that these filters are easy to sell to customers who, on average, spend more than 300 hours a year inside their vehicles. Having the PurolatorBOSS Premium cabin air filter with Febreze freshness in your arsenal can go a long way in gaining consumer approval for the replacement while leveraging billions of positive impressions.


This video is sponsored by Purolator.

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