Ultimate Underhood - Gasoline Particulate Filters
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Ultimate Underhood – Gasoline Particulate Filters

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) have been steadily increasing in both importance and variety in the exhaust segment. Now, with new emission mandates like EURO 6, China 6 and CARB Tier 2, automakers have been forced to adopt DPF technology for gasoline engines as well.


Just like a DPF, a gasoline particulate filter (GPF) traps and stores soot particles in the exhaust stream. The trapped soot particles are periodically burned to break them down into smaller particles that are less harmful to respiratory systems. The temperature inside the GPF is increased by the engine adding extra fuel under certain driving conditions. 

Neither a DPF or GPF does not have precious metals like a catalytic converter. Instead, these have a silicon or ceramic honeycomb structure that increases the surface area to trap soot. As a DPF or GPF ages it becomes clogged and eventually needs replacement. 

The GPF is currently found on some 2018 newer vehicles from Ford, Audi and other automakers. Many GPF are integrated into the catalytic converter assembly.

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