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Ultimate Underhood: The Epic Story Of The Buick Turbo V6

By 1986, the introduction of an intercooler and lightweight turbocharger gave the car an underrated 245 hp.

Ultimate Underhood – Gasoline Particulate Filters

Just like a DPF, a gasoline particulate filter (GPF) traps and stores soot particles in the exhaust stream.

What Is This On The Frame Rail Of The New Dodge Ram?

Active-Tuned Mass Modules (ATMM) mounted on the frame rails search out unfavorable vibrations and apply countermeasures.

Whatever Happened To The Original Hemi Head?

Many purists say what we think of a Hemi engine today doesn’t meet the hemisperical standards.

History Of Air Power

The air spins up the exhaust turbine and increases boost on the compressor side. The tank pressurizes up to 175psi and has enough volume for two hard acceleration events.

Base Engine Tech Boom

The OE base engines in the past were usually low-tech engines that didn’t pack the same technology as the optional engines. But, the base 2.7L four-cylinder engine on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado packs a lot of technology.

Mercedes-Benz HD Projector Headlights: The Next Headlight Innovation

Mercedes-Benz is working on the latest generation of headlights that could change the way we drive at night. This new technology turns headlights into digital projectors that not only project light, but also images to aid the driver and pedestrians.

The BMW M12: One Horsepower Per One CC

In 1986, the turbocharged BMW M12 engine for F1 could produce an amazing 1,500hp for qualifying trim. Not bad for a 1,500cc engine. Even more amazing was that they used stock blocks from their road cars to manufacture the engines.

PCV Valve Facts

The first vehicle to get a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve was the M5 Stuart tank in WWII, which was made by Cadillac. The valve replaced draft tubes that might suck water into the engine while crossing rivers.

PCV valve
Weber Carburetors: Nomanclature

From 1950 until the late 1970s, Weber carburetors were the sign of a performance engine. They could make an engine breathe, or, in the wrong hands, make an engine choke on it’s own fuel. A Weber carburetor is a simple device with fewer moving parts than an American-style four-barrel carburetor, but it is a lot

The Story Behind The Bundle Of Snakes Exhaust System

When the phrase “bundle of snakes” is uttered about an exhaust system, two cars come to mind: the Ford GT40 and Lotus 38. These were not the first vehicles to use this type of exhaust configuration, but they were the first to be called a “bundle of snakes” and make exhaust systems look more like art than science. These complex exhaust systems were created as a solution to the problem caused by the use of a flat-plane crankshaft.

The First Motor Mounts: 1932 Dodge Floating Power

It’s hard to imagine that most vehicles before WWII had only basic motor mounts that just held the engine and transmission to the frame. With the powerful engineering resources of Chrysler at its disposal, Dodge was able to offer numerous technical innovations on new models in 1932, including Floating Power, an engine mounting system that