Tech Tip: Toyota Vehicle Skid Control – UnderhoodService

Tech Tip: Toyota Vehicle Skid Control

Some 2000-'01 Toyota Avalon vehicles equipped with the Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) System may exhibit "VSC" and "VSC OFF" lights on (DTC C1301/42) in conjunction with a MIL "ON" (DTCs P0440, P0441 and/or P0446).

Some 2000-’01 Toyota Avalon vehicles equipped with the Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) System may exhibit “VSC” and “VSC OFF” lights on (DTC C1301/42) in conjunction with a MIL “ON” (DTCs P0440, P0441 and/or P0446).

Repair Procedure:
1. Perform the diagnostic procedures as described in the repair manual to repair any parts that may have caused the MIL “ON” condition.
Note: A loose or missing gas cap may cause the vehicle to exhibit a MIL “ON” condition with DTCs P0440, P0441 and/or P0446.
2. Using the Toyota hand-held tester, clear all engine DTCs.
3. Proceed to clearing ABS/VSC DTC C1301/42.
Note: When using the Toyota hand-held tester, be sure to choose “OBD/MOBD” while in the “FUNCTION SELECT” screen. This will enable access and clearing of ABS/VSC DTCs.
4. Test-drive the vehicle to be sure that the MIL “ON” and the “VSC” and “VSC OFF” lights remain off.
Note: If the “VSC” and “VSC OFF” lights illuminate due to DTC C1301/42 during the test drive, proceed to the inspection procedure as listed on page DI-312 of the repair manual.

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Technical service bulletin courtesy of IDENTIFIX.

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