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ECM No Communication Issues

The source of the problem could be software, electrical or mechanical.

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Audi Tech Tip: Passenger Compartment Not Warming Up?

Code B10D004 will indicate a coolant circulation pump failure.

Intermittent Rattling Noise While Driving?

All affected vehicles typically have a 5.4L 3-valve engine.

Diagnostic Strategies For New Technicians

In my textbook, a piston or flame front would not be mentioned until the last chapter of the book.

The Chip Shortage and The Aftermarket

Drive by any new car lot and the evidence is clear – the auto industry may be the most visible victim of chip shortages.

Lexus Vibration, Tapping or Misfire After Cold Soak

Here are the steps to follow if experiencing vibration, tapping or misfire after a cold soak in your customers Lexus.

Curing Belt Squeal

Here are five techniques you can use to solve belt noise problems.

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Could Your A/C Recycling and Recovery Machine Be Overcharging?

The amount of refrigerant required by vehicle A/C systems has decreased during the past two decades.

Why Do Turbos Fail?

There are significant numbers of import vehicles on the roads that are turbocharged and need service.

Spark Plug Analysis Paralysis

Making sure to pick the correct replacement plug is crucial, but so is understanding them.