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What’s Your Two-Year Plan?

After two years, our industry finally had its homecoming.

Fuel Injector Wave Forms

Diagnosing a fuel injector circuit with a scope can help you to confirm the health of the drivers and injectors.

Diesel Glow Plugs Operation

Having higher pressures and metered fuel at the right time means more efficiency, less pollution and lower fuel consumption.

Read Your Copy of the December Digital Edition Now

This month’s digital magazine includes articles from Underhood Service, as well as other technical and marketing topics.

Ford: Permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’S)

A Permanent DTC can only be cleared by the module strategy & cannot be erased by clearing with a scan tool.

Ignition Diagnostics

This part of the cycle is when the mixture of air and fuel ignites and how the flame front spreads in the cylinder.

Veterans and Vehicles – You are in good company

Since 1931 we have chronicled the sacrifices and successes veterans have made for our country and the auto care industry.

Seasonal Fuel Blends

The cause of the misfires is the temperature fuel evaporates, otherwise known as the volatility.

Replacement Parts Quality – Better Than Ever

Despite what some people may believe, high-quality replacement parts are more common than ever.

Servicing Fuel Level Sensors: Fuel Gauge Inoperative?

Do not remove the fuel level sensor from the fuel module unless you get a faulty reading during the testing of the sensor.

Ford Grinding Or Rattling Sound From The Transmission

Ford 2018-2019 F-150 with the 5.0L Engines may be experiencing a strange metallic grinding sound. Here’s the fix.

Nissan Code P0603 Stored For ECM Back Up Circuit

The P0603 code deals with battery issues such as low battery voltage, discharged battery or battery terminal disconnections.