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Walker Products Announces Advancement In Engine Management Sensors

walkerWith its new full service kit now available, Walker has announced a new concept in selling engine management sensor solutions.

What is a Full-Service Kit?
A full service kit contains not only the base sensor, but also provides the technician or DIYer with the mating connector and pigtail. Walker also includes the butt splices and heatshrink to ensure a watertight connection.

Walker is initially offering 238 SKUs in the following key product categories: throttle position sensor, intake air temperature sensor, engine coolant temperature sensor, idle air control motor, manifold absolute pressure sensor, camshaft/crankshaft position sensor and vehicle speed sensors.

Why a Full Service Kit?
For the technician, it saves time in completing the job, without searching for the mating connector and pigtail, reducing rack time making for happy customers and higher profits.

For the DIYer, it saves a trip back to the parts store, dealership or salvage yard to buy the mating connector and pigtail. For the store, it reduces deliveries and side trips to dealerships to buy the mating connector and pigtail leading to reduced returns and comebacks, higher profits and satisfied customers, according to Walker.

To contact Walker Products, call 636-257-2400, email [email protected] or visit www.walkerproducts.com.

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