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Tech Tip: UCX Profiles ‘The Six Most Common Brake Conditions’

UCX provides technicians with a helpful service chart that profiles "The Six Most Common Brake Conditions." The chart includes "The Condition," "What’s Happening" and "The Fix." The six conditions covered in the chart include ....

UCX provides technicians with a helpful service chart that profiles “The Six Most Common Brake Conditions.” The chart includes “The Condition,” “What’s Happening” and “The Fix.” The six conditions covered in the chart include:

  • Normal wear — All pads worn evenly;
  • Onboard pads worn, inboard pads normal;
  • Inboard pads worn, outboard pads normal;
  • Tapered pad wear;
  • Cracked or chipped pads; and
  • Pad wear abnormal on one wheel only.

Click here to download “The Six Most Common Brake Conditions” service chart.

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