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New NAPA Premium Disc Brake Pads Provide Premium Performance At Mid-Level Pricing

Developed to minimize comebacks for installers, new NAPA Premium Disc Brake Pads offer an extensive line of friction materials, including ceramic, semi-metallic and non-asbestos organic (NAO).

Developed to minimize comebacks for installers, new NAPA Premium Disc Brake Pads offer an extensive line of friction materials, including ceramic, semi-metallic and non-asbestos organic (NAO). The pads’ quiet friction formulas, coupled with exclusive Silent Guard shim technology, provide silent braking stop after stop, said the company.

“We spent a lot of time talking to professional brake installers about what they want and need in a replacement disc brake pad,” said Mike Gaffney, vice president, sales & marketing, NAPA Rayloc. “They expect disc brake pads that are functional and that simply work, resulting in happy customers and profitable, growing business. With NAPA Premium, we combined all our customers’ wants and needs into one great product that is designed to eliminate the most common reasons for customer comebacks and is steps above the competition.”

Extensive Line of Friction Materials
NAPA Premium Disc Brake Pads are made with premium ceramic, semi-metallic and NAO friction materials. These friction formulas are designed to last longer and wear better, providing premium performance at mid-level pricing. According to the company, they also provide silent braking, better stopping performance, smooth pedal feel and proper fit.

There are dozens of friction formulas and more than 1,000 part numbers in the NAPA Premium line, providing extensive coverage for passenger cars and trucks, from vintage to hybrid. OE-matched design features ensure proper fit and quiet performance. For example, the pads are 100-percent chamfered to eliminate initial engagement noise. In addition, OE-matched slots improve pad stability under harsh braking conditions and improve harmonics for no noise.

Silent Guard Shim Technology
Every NAPA Premium Disc Brake Pad set comes with exclusive SilentGuard technology, a new fiber-reinforced, vulcanized rubber shim material that is the most durable shim material available in the aftermarket today. It will not degrade over time, ensuring extra protection and silent braking, stop after stop. In independent testing, even after 11,000 stops, there is no sliding, lifting or piston penetration through the shim to the metal.

Silent Guard shims are made from a superior noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) insulating material with excellent resistance to wear and piston penetration. Vulcanized rubber helps keep the rubber bonded to the steel and has been made more durable by a biochemical process that cures the rubber, making it tougher and more resistant to heat. A viscous, adhesive layer provides additional sound dampening. Full-hard steel ensures shims hold their shape and remain in place, preventing bending and moving, and preventing damage to other parts of the brake system.

“Not all shims are the same,” Gaffney explains. “Some manufacturers cut costs by using inferior shim materials, sometimes with limited noise insulation properties. These materials may look good out of the box, but quickly degrade during braking. This is not the case with SilentGuard.”

Matching Hardware
NAPA has included hardware kits in hundreds of NAPA Premium disc brake pad sets to ensure customers have everything needed to complete The Perfect Brake Job.

“Worn hardware may look fine, but can cause heat damage, premature wear, reduced gas mileage and potential brake failure,” Gaffney says. “A small investment in fresh hardware can maintain optimal brake performance and maximize service life.”

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