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Kukui Launches Digital Vehicle Inspection Solution, Built To Shop Owner Requirements


Kukui Corp., maker of the All-in-One Success Platform, has announced the availability of the Kukui DVI, an in-house developed addition to the Kukui suite of products, that is designed to help substantially improve the way repair shops communicate with customers during and between visits to the shop. The Kukui DVI is now available in limited release.


As part of Kukui’s mission to produce products that help auto repair shops be successful, the company sought the direct input of shop owners and industry thought leaders to focus its development efforts. Much of this input was gained through CEO Todd Westerlund’s nationwide tour. After 18 months of research and development and 15,000 miles of travel visiting shops for their input, Kukui is releasing the first of several new additions to the All-in-One Success Platform, the Kukui DVI.

“We decided to make our initial entry into the highly competitive digital vehicle inspections marketplace with a straightforward, simple product that meets a few basic requirements of the shops we talked to,” said Chris Price, chief product officer of Kukui. “It had to be easy to use without the overhead of unnecessary and distracting features or technology. It needed to be a very lightweight mobile app that would work equally well on a phone or tablet. It particularly needed to be a native IOS app for speed and reliability. And most importantly, it has to integrate seamlessly with their management system and the Kukui CRM.”


The Kukui DVI creates full transparency for the motorist into the repair process providing them updates with technician notes, video and pictures of affected components. The customer sees exactly what the technician sees so they can make informed decisions about servicing their vehicle.

Between visits, DVI integration with the Kukui CRM enables shops to send reminder or recommended service messages and postcards that include pictures of declined service. Kukui’s research shows consumers are substantially more likely to make buying decisions when presented with visual images of the affected parts on their vehicle.

According to Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui, “This first release of Kukui DVI is just the beginning of the of the upcoming additions to our platform. We learned so much from our shop visits about what people really want and need to be successful, you should expect to see a continuous stream of game-changing announcements in the next few weeks.”


To learn more, go to Kukui.com/dvi.

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