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GMB Offers Free Page-A-Day Workbook To Help Auto Shop Owners Improve Their Marketing


A new ebook from GMB North America offer shop owners once-a-day “what, why and how exercises” to help get them started with online marketing. Created for busy auto shop owners, “Market Your Shop Online In One Month” is divided into simple, daily tasks. The ebook aims to help shop owners better understand the “why” of each task and how the tasks complement each other, without diving too deep into marketing jargon and theory.

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“Our representatives often speak with shop owners who don’t know where to start with online marketing or think they just don’t have the time to do it,” said Sarah Porter, marketing manager at GMB North America. “We’re always interested in our customers’ success, so this easy, once-a-day workbook is a great way to help shop owners get into basic online marketing without overwhelming them.”

While not a comprehensive guide, the workbook invites the shop owner to take a small, daily step toward better online branding and overall marketing. GMB’s workbook asks the reader to do the following:

  • Complete one page of the book each day.
  • Read the explanation of the tasks and the benefits associated with it.
  • Decide if that day’s task makes sense for their business. If not, they can skip it.

The 30 daily exercises include creating a professional email address, making a few adjustments to the website, setting up Google Analytics, nailing down a tagline and setting up a business Facebook page. Broken down into bite-sized tasks, “Market Your Shop Online In One Month” should help even the busiest shop owners improve their online marketing, says GMB.


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