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Fuse5 Supports Ken Schrader Racing’s Pink Campaign


FUSE5CarFuse5, an associate sponsor for the Ken Schrader Racing, Inc. team, has been supporting the annual KSR PINK campaign with its pink decals on Schrader’s Federated Auto Parts cars during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ken Schrader Racing/Fuse5 fans can purchase a PINK ribbon that will be included on Schrader’s car ($10 each) by visiting http://givenortheastfoundation.org/donate. Just follow the prompts and in the designation section, select Ken Schrader Racing. Donors may include the name of a loved one that will put on each ribbon.


“After talking to Ann Schrader about her Breast Cancer Awareness efforts we were happy to help spread the word about the KSR campaign.” Said John Bunting COO of Fuse5. “We all have someone close that has been impacted by breast cancer and we were moved to support her efforts.”

These ribbons will be on Schrader’s modified throughout the month. Schrader’s dirt team will race each weekend sporting a pink paint scheme in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. His schedule has included Kansas City, Kansas and Greenwood, Nebraska. This weekend Schrader will be in Memphis, Missouri and he will finish the month out in Salina, Oklahoma.


“We appreciate the additional support of our sponsors during our PINK campaign,” Schrader said from his race shop. “Fuse5 has been on board with us for the entire 2014 season and they are a great partner.”

For more information about Fuse5, visit www.gofuse5.com.

For more information about Ken Schrader Racing, Inc., visit www.schraderracing.com

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