Chrysler No-Start After Being Parked

Chrysler No-Start After Being Parked

When leaving a Chrysler PT Cruiser parked for an extended period of time, it could fail to start.


2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, L4-2.4L, VIN B, Automatic


This vehicle was parked for several months and moved only about 50 feet once a week. The owner towed it to the shop because, the last time he tried to move it, the engine would crank but not start.

Case Details 

The technician connected a scan tool but found no diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) or anti-theft lights. He did find that there was no spark or injector pulse, so he replaced the crankshaft position sensor. Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem, so he called ALLDATA Tech-Assist. The Tech-Assist consultant mentioned that auto shut down (ASD) relay failures are common on PT Cruisers. He sent the technician a wiring diagram to indicate where to check the (B+) voltage and ground supplies to the ignition coil, fuel injectors and PCM. The consultant advised that if those were all in good condition, then the ASD relay was likely the problem.

Confirmed Repair

The technician performed the recommended circuit tests and found all (B+) voltage and grounds were good. After replacing the ASD relay, the engine started right up and ran without any problems. Fixed! 

Courtesy of ALLDATA

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