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Chrysler’s Totally Integrated Power Module

The TIPM is on the CAN bus, any issues with the communication between the ECM, ABS and BCM can cause problems with the TIPM.

Chrysler Steering System 

If one or more conditions from the list are confirmed to be present, refer to the detailed service procedures.

Chrysler No-Start After Being Parked

When leaving a Chrysler PT Cruiser parked for an extended period of time, it could fail to start.

JASPER Expands Chrysler 68RFE Transmission Product Line

This transmission is now available for 2019 RAM 2500-3500 diesel engine applications in both 2WD and 4WD.

Major Multi-Carline Software Release Available From Autologic

New software releases are available for DrivePro ES and DrivePro Users.

Chrysler’s Totally Integrated Power Module Simplifies Circuits

The symptoms of a failing TIPM can vary depending on the vehicle. Check out your options for this repair.

VIDEO: Oil Filters On Chrysler MultiAir Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses the MultiAir engine in Chrysler vehicles and how the choice of a quality oil filter can prevent a comeback. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Ford And Chrysler Oil Specifications

Andrew Markel discusses oil specification and weight, specifically those issued by Ford and Chrysler for their vehicles. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

OEMTOOLS A/C Clutch Tool Kit for Ford, GM, Chrysler Systems

The set includes: auger point shaft, nut and arbor, GM puller, extension, puller and a variety of vehicle specific removers and installers. It comes in a sturdy blow-mold storage case.

Chrysler Transmission: The Case Of The Shiftless 48RE

This month’s Diagnostic Dilemma concerns a 2005 Dodge 3500 SLT truck equipped with the Chrysler 48RE automatic transmission with three forward speeds and overdrive. It originally came into the shop with a broken band, but after the rebuilt transmission was installed and road-tested, the 48RE failed to shift out of first gear.

Ultimate Underhood: Chrysler Slant Six

While the Chrysler Slant Six did not have the raw power of the Hemi, it was just a sophisticated. The Slant Six went into production in 1960 and lasted until 1983. The 30º tilt was borrowed from Mercedes-Benz and it offered several engineering advantages over straight up engines from the Ford, AMC and GM. The

Diagnostic Dilemmas: Chrysler Sebring Code P2173 Caused by Vacuum Leak NOT Gaskets

In this month’s Diagnostic Dilemma, I found myself looking into an intermittent fast idle complaint on a 2008 Chrysler Sebring equipped with the 3.5L, V6 engine. The car was in good condition and with approximately 130,000 miles on the odometer. My client shop owner had retrieved some “throttle sensor codes,” which prompted him to replace