ABS Fault Code 02757 Diagnosis Tip

ABS Fault Code 02757 Diagnosis Tip

Models: 2011-2014 Jetta, Jetta Sportwagen, Golf/GTI, Tiguan, Eos, 2012-2014 Beetle, Passat.

If the battery on certain VW vehicles has a low state of charge or is disconnected, fault code 02757 “adapting tire pressures” may set in the address. 

The guided fault diagnostics test plan for this fault may prove inconclusive and the fault may not clear, even after performing TPMS reset using the button in the glove box or through the display in the instrument cluster called the MFI. To resolve fault, use ODIS control module OBD or VAS PC Vehicle self-diagnosis to run basic settings 42 under address 03 – Brake Electronics. After selecting basic settings 42, an activate button may be present, but should not be used. The display will change to reset once the procedure is complete.

After completing basic settings, back out of Brake Electronics and remove the scan tool. Reset TPMS by pressing the “set” button in the glove box or making appropriate selection through MFI, and then road test vehicle to ensure fault does not return.

Models: 2011-2014 Jetta, Jetta Sportwagen, Golf/GTI, Tiguan, Eos, 2012-2014 Beetle, Passat.

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