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Wells Manufacturing Reports Strong Traffic to Web and YouTube Diagnostic Videos

The new video series - which already tackles more than a dozen common vehicle service topics - is also available for free viewing via the customer-focused Wells website.

Wells Manufacturing is reporting a positive response to its new set of online video tools. The growing library of free driveability diagnostic videos from Wells Manufacturing has garnered 5-star ratings and more than 100,000 customer views via YouTube, according to the company. The new video series – which already tackles more than a dozen common vehicle service topics – is also available for free viewing via the customer-focused Wells website, www.wellsmfgcorp.com.
Available in English and Spanish languages, Wells instructional videos can be accessed on a 24/7 basis by searching “Wellstech” on YouTube or simply by clicking on the “Technical” link at www.wellsmfgcorp.com. Unlike other suppliers’ training videos, no customer login information is required.

The Wells Technical Services Team, led by Technical Services Manager Mark Hicks, tailors each instructional video to the needs of vehicle technicians, parts professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Each segment covers a common diagnostic challenge – based on customer input through Wells’ Technical Service Hotline – and details each step in identifying and resolving the issue using a variety of common tools. The latest video added to the Wells library is Evaporative (EVAP) Training, produced in response to recent customer feedback.

“As customers become aware of our video series, they recommend a variety of topics based on the challenges they’re facing in the service bay or at the parts counter,” Hicks said. “We have fielded several calls from customers who were facing P0442 and P0445 trouble codes, both of which are related to the EVAP system. Our training team quickly responded with an informative video segment that helps customers solve EVAP issues.”

Feedback regarding the Wells video series has been both far-reaching – with viewers responding from China, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, the U.S. and Canada – and overwhelmingly positive. Viewers post instant feedback via the YouTube “Comments” feature and have given several Wells videos the highest possible rating – 5 stars.

To further support customers facing tough repair challenges, Wells also offers a comprehensive free online library of OBD II and ABS trouble codes, pin-outs, product specifications, connection diagrams, firing order information and other valuable technical content at www.wellsmfgcorp.com.

Wells diagnostic videos now available online include:

• Distributor-less Ignition (DIS) Training
• Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Training
• Evaporative (EVAP) Training
• ABS Diagnostics & Repair
• Computer “No Communication”
• Nissan Cam/Crank Sensor Testing, Throttle Body Cleaning & Idle Air Relearn (P0507)
• GM 3.1 EGR Replacement/Port Cleaning
• GM 3.1 Cam Sensor Replacement
• LS711/LS922 Chrysler/Jeep Ignition Switch
• Early Ford EGR Pressure Sensor Diagnosis & Replacement
• GM Type I DIS DR143/DR148/C860 Testing & Replacement
• Chrysler 1995-03 2.0-2.4L Cam Sensor Replacement
• Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Testing
• Digital Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Diagnostics
• GM Type II DIS System Cylinder Misfire Detection        

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