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Being Happy Gets In The Way of Being Successful

Bryce Kenny says his greatest satisfaction comes from helping others to find the courage to chase their dreams.

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How Much Does The Other Guy Make?

The National Labor Relations Act protects an employee’s rights to talk about his – and others’ – paycheck.

VIDEO: Need Help Finding Repair Information? Make A Call!

Repair information providers have your back with a tech hotline to save you time. This video is sponsored by Mitchell 1.

VIDEO: The Benefits Of Service Reminders

Service reminders are a device you should have in your toolbox. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Active Management Of Oil Pressure

Things have changed with the introduction of multi-weight oils and changes in the design of the oil pump.

VIDEO: Keep In Contact With Customers Using Social And Email

Communicating with customers on email and social platforms is critical. This video is sponsored by Mitchell 1.

In Search of a Good Technician

Your positive attitude can create a good, secure atmosphere that will attract and keep good employees.

The Lost Art Of The Phone Call

I hate to say it, but the phone call is a dying form of communication. Even with more phone numbers issued, the act of speaking into a phone is a lost art with some people. For them, it is easier to send a text message, instant message or post something on social media.

There Is No Trough: Looking For The Sweet Spot In The Aftermarket

If you looked at U.S. car sales over the past 18 years, you would see a pattern. On either end of the chart, you would see years where 17 million vehicles were sold. In the middle is 2009 when sales dropped to 10 million vehicles. After that is a steady nine-year recovery. Some people call this dip “the trough,” and they think it is hurting aftermarket sales. I think it is an opportunity and a sign of the aftermarket’s future.

It Really Isn’t That Bad: Ask Yourself Why You Came To Work This Morning

If you are a regular reader of my columns, you may have noticed that I have been a little negative lately. I have been writing about topics like technician image, unethical shops and other gripes about our industry. Last month, I got a letter from an older tech wanting to get out of the industry because he felt vehicles were getting more complex while monetary compensation was not growing at the same rate. He cited one of my editorials as something that resonated with some of his own grievances. At first, I felt guilty.

Four Creative Ways To Improve Employee Morale

Experts say there is a direct relationship between keeping employees happy and getting the best out of them, but improving morale in the shop is a deceptively simple goal. Sometimes, in order to raise morale in the shop, you have to get creative. Here are four areas where business owners can lift employee spirits and create a happier, more productive workforce.