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Snap-on Tool Of The Month: ETHOS+ Scan Tool

Snap-onLowWith the Snap-on ETHOS+ scan tool, professional service technicians can quickly and effortlessly access OEM-specific codes and live data for dozens of systems on nearly 40 domestic and Asian makes to get an accurate diagnosis with only a few clicks in just moments. The optional European vehicle kit provides deep coverage of eleven popular European makes as well.

“Whether they use diagnostics every day, or are just getting started, technicians can make the best use of their time and get quick results with ETHOS+,” said Mark Schaefer, director of marketing, Snap-on Diagnostics. “Simply connect the keyless adapter to a vehicle and ETHOS+ automatically boots up in 10 seconds. It powers through the data connector and has internal batteries, so technicians can keep moving all day long. With its four-way keypad and touch screen, technicians have fast access to all scan functions.”

ETHOS+ offers powerful OBD-II tools including all ten modes of OBD-II. It also reads and clears OEM-specific codes with the definitions on-screen in plain English. Technicians can graph four live data parameters side-by-side to pin down the root cause of vehicle problems. They can also read service monitor data and reset service lights on many vehicles.

Not just for engine diagnostics, ETHOS+ accesses OEM-specific codes and data for dozens of systems on today’s vehicles, including newer technologies like TPMS, hybrid power systems, body controls, suspension and steering angle. With the optional OBD-I adapters, it will diagnose vehicles dating back to 1980.

ETHOS+ is loaded with customizable setting and tools to fit the way technicians work. For example, they can pause and review live data as well as create custom data lists to speed the display rate and compare data points. They can also set min/max triggers to flag data parameters that fall outside of their normal range and zoom in on graphs to see more detail or monitor vehicle performance over time. The big five-and-one-half inch color display screen shows the detail that technicians need to catch the glitch and nail down tough problems.

To learn more about the ETHOS+ scan tool, talk to a Snap-on representative or visit

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