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Advance Auto Parts Offers Car Battery Care Tips

Car batteries can go bad as a result of undercharging, overcharging, or from corrosion due to the vapor that is produced while the battery is charging during driving.


Advance Auto Parts knows that car battery woes are something that everyone dreads, mainly because the battery in your car is essential to keeping your vehicle up and running. Once your battery goes dead or begins to experience complications, your vehicle could be down for the count. Luckily, Advance Auto Parts has all the tools to need to win your battery battles.


Symptoms of a dying battery include:
• Dim lights (exterior and interior)
• Slow cranking
• Voltmeter reading below 12v

Car batteries can go bad as a result of undercharging, overcharging, or from corrosion due to the vapor that is produced while the battery is charging during driving. Another way batteries fail is when other components of the charging system are not working properly. However, basic battery maintenance such as cleaning and protecting battery terminals, making sure they are tight, and checking the battery hold down clamp to make sure its tight will help avoid battery problems.

Many factors define the type of battery you’ll need for your vehicle, physical size, cold cranking amps, top or side mounted terminals, and more. It can get confusing, especially when you are stranded, and you simply want to get back on the road. Advance Auto Parts is an industry leader when it comes to batteries. "Take advantage of our knowledge and FREE charging system checks and installation services proactively, before your battery fails you," says Bryan Gregory, director of consumer education for Advance Auto Parts.


"Many people think that cold weather destroys their battery. The fact is that the damage done inside the battery happened in the extreme heat of summer, revealing itself when serious cranking amps are needed for starting in the extreme cold," Gregory adds.

It is something that has happened to all of us, you come out of the mall only to realize that you left your interior or exterior lights on. The vehicle will not crank, what do you do now? Sometimes batteries let you down when you least expect it and you have no choice but to jump start your vehicle, which if done correctly can have your vehicle up and running in a matter of minutes.


"You must be careful during this procedure, it can be hazardous, and electrical system damage could occur if jump starting is done incorrectly," says Gregory, so if there are any doubts that you may be doing something wrong, be sure to ask for help.

The best way to help a battery live a long and productive life is regularly scheduled maintenance and annual testing. The most important times your battery should be checked is during the summer and winter, especially if you live in extreme climates or have a lot of electrical demands from your vehicle. This small investment in time now can save a large amount of time and headache later down the road. Advance Auto Parts can help with battery load testers inside the store which will determine what kind of shape the battery is in if the charging system test determines the battery to be the weak link. If you get stranded, go to on your cell phone browser and follow the short, step by step video for a safe jump-starting experience.


To keep your battery problems at bay, Advance Auto Parts carries an extensive line of batteries, alternators, related components, tools and accessories to ensure that your car will start every time, even in the most adverse conditions.

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