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Tech Feature: TPMS a Headache or Opportunity?

A decade after the TREAD Act and almost four years into mandatory TPMS on all passenger vehicles in the U.S., one can fairly ask: Is TPMS still a headache for the industry, or has it become a profit opportunity for smart tire dealers? There are varying opinions, and ultimately the reader will have to decide.

” said Drumheller.

Education…I know it’s a lot harder than just a single word, but as tire dealers, we need to make the effort to ensure our sales staff, our technicians and our customers are more informed. The resources are available, and if we take the initiative as dealers, the profit opportunities will present themselves – directly through TPMS service, and through positioning ourselves as true professionals.

TPMS is here to stay. Many dealers I have spoken with still see it as a headache, but with greater focus we can make TPMS a profit opportunity.

I’ve maintained for years that, “We didn’t build the vehicle and we didn’t break it, but we are in the position of having to service or repair it.” We also did not write the regulation that mandated TPMS, but if we’re going to thrive in this business, we need to embrace it.

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