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What Is 0W16 Oils And SN-Plus Certification? Can 0W20 Be Used Instead Of 0W16?

You may have noticed that some Toyota and Honda four-cylinder vehicles require SAE viscosity 0W16 oil. The oils really stand out on a shelf because the last number is strange because it does not end in a five or zero. You may have noticed it in the catalog pages or shelves of your oil supplier. 0W16 oil has been around for almost two decades in Japan. It is an oil that is designed to increase engine efficiency and reduce engine warmup time.

VIDEO: Hydrodynamic Lubrication In Engines

Andrew Markel discusses how an oil filter can change the lubrication in the crankshaft or camshaft bearing surfaces. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Gasket And Fluid Compatibility

Andrew Markel discusses how gasket life can be maximized by using fluids that are compatible with it without early degradation. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Engine Efficiency Brings More Hoses

Andrew Markel discusses hoses and the necessity for several of them to route fluids to all parts of the vehicle due to the growing efficiency of engines. Sponsored by Dayco.

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oils: What’s In The Bottle?

According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), base oils can be broken down into five main groups based on the refining method and lubricant’s properties, such as viscosity and the proportion of saturates and sulfur content. Before all the additives are dropped in, engine oils begin as one or more of these five API groups.

Determining The Life Of The Oil: How Do OEMs Calculate Oil Life Percentages?

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than getting in a vehicle after an oil change and seeing that the oil life monitor has not been reset. Either the technician did not realize the vehicle had a reset procedure, or they did not want to look it up. But, it is safe to assume that every 2007 and newer vehicle has a reset procedure.

VIDEO: VVT: How Oil Is Like Electricity

Andrew Markel discusses the variable valve timing system, and how the behavior of oil in the system is a lot like voltage passing through a component or module. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Oil And Start-Up: Why Oil Temperature Matters

A cold start is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to an engine. For the first few minutes that the engine is running, it is virtually blind, has poor circulation and is waterlogged. The goal of the engine module is to get the engine up to temperature quickly so emissions can be controlled. The oil in the crankcase plays a critical role in this process.

VIDEO: Oil Specifications In The Age Of Stop-Start Systems

Andrew Markel discusses the growing margin of vehicles with stop-start economy systems, and what that means for the changing state of oil. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Oil Life Monitors On GM Vehicles

Andrew Markel explores GM’s specifications for oil life monitors and how they may alert the driver to change the oil at an unexpected time. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Using Service Information For Oil Changes

Andrew Markel explains the benefits of service information for all procedures and vehicles, including oil change specifications. Sponsored by ProDemand from Mitchell1.

VIDEO: Ford And Chrysler Oil Specifications

Andrew Markel discusses oil specification and weight, specifically those issued by Ford and Chrysler for their vehicles. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.