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Lane Departure Warning Intermittently Does Not Alert

Some customers may comment that the lane departure warning intermittently does not alert in some cases while driving.

Models: Buick Encore (2013-2016) Equipped with Lane Departure Warning (RPO UFL)

Condition: Some customers may comment that the lane departure warning intermittently does not alert in some cases while driving.

Cause: This may be due to the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) alert is intentionally inhibited to avoid unnecessary alerts due to intentional lane changes or in case of curve cutting.

Correction:The steering angle rate is used to suppress lane departure warning alerts. If the steering wheel is at a constant position, while the vehicle travels into the next lane, the departure warning alarm and light will alert and turn orange, respectively.

If the steering wheel is not at a constant position as the vehicle drifts across the lane (i.e., turning into the lane), the lane departure alarm and light will not alert and the light will remain green. If the steering wheel is moved even slightly such that the vehicle turns into the lane, the alert will not occur.

Please communicate to the customer that this condition is a normal operating characteristic of their vehicle. It will not impact the designed performance or reliability of the vehicle. Please share this information with the customer, including a copy of this message.

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