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Eastern Catalytic Launches New Full Line and Universal Catalytic Converter Catalogs

Eastern Catalytic has just released two new product catalogs, a 24-page Universal Converter Catalog and a 352-page Full Line Catalog.

Eastern Catalytic, a world-class manufacturer of catalytic converters and related emission control components, has just released two new product catalogs, a 24-page Universal Converter Catalog and a 352-page Full Line Catalog.

The new full line catalog is Eastern’s largest and most comprehensive to date. It includes application listings for all of Eastern’s Direct-fit, Universal, High Performance, Diesel, Manifold lines, and accessories, as well as its new ECO Series (ECO II, ECO III and ECO GM). The catalog also incorporates an engine size conversion chart, VIN Chart, vehicle emissions labels, OBD II Oxygen sensor locator, along with valuable information on converter basics, diagnostics, causes of converter failures, selecting direct-fit and universal converters, EPA requirements and Eastern Catalytic’s Limited Warranty and return policy.

Eastern’s Universal Catalog includes complete part listings for Eastern Universal, High Performance, Diesel and ECO series converters. It covers the complete Eastern Universal line, which has been expanded to 1,600 configurations and can fit 95% of registered import and domestic vehicles in the USA (all states, except CA) and Canada.

World-class quality and innovation have helped Eastern earn catalytic converter certifications in more than 58 countries. Continual improvements in converter design, production and product delivery systems have made Eastern a leading choice in catalytic converters and one of the fastest growing catalytic converter manufacturers in North America.

Today, Eastern can meet its customers’ catalytic converter needs with a full range of catalytic converters for universal, direct-fit, manifold, diesel and heavy-duty applications. From its flexible, and efficient manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the UK, Eastern now provides more than 3,300 different catalytic converter part numbers with ‘best-in-the-industry’ coverage for more than 49,339 applications on cars, light trucks, vans and SUVs.

For more information, contact: Henry Hippert, executive sales director, Eastern Manufacturing, Inc., 2151 Cabot Blvd. West, Langhorne, PA 19047; (215) 702-3600. Visit the Eastern Manufacturing website at www.easterncatalytic.com

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