Communication Is Essential During Coronavirus Crisis

Communication Is Essential During Coronavirus Crisis

The most important thing to do is communicate daily with your employees, and intentionally with your customers.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

A famous line from a popular movie, but very relevant in today’s uncertain business environment. The MOST important thing you need to do as a shop owner is communicate DAILY with your employees, and intentionally with your customers.

Let them know what you’re hearing from others that might affect them, and what you’re doing or planning to do if things get even more sideways in the world.

I’ve NEVER heard of an employee quitting because their boss shared too much information with them. On the contrary, I’ve heard of many employees that have gotten restless and quit because their boss didn’t bother to let them know what was going on, and that there was a plan in place to ensure the survival of the business and their employment.

Now that automotive repair shops have been deemed an “essential service” by the federal government, you are one of the blessed few small businesses that will be allowed to remain open while hundreds of other businesses in your market are required to close. Do your employees know that? Do your customers know that?

My suggestion to you is to make every and all efforts (voice, e-mail, text, phone) to communicate directly to your customers that you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and ready to serve them, and to facilitate a safe, socially distanced drop-off and pick-up of their vehicle. 

Not everyone gets e-mail, or reads your Facebook posts. Make sure you reach all of your active customers by any means you can, and don’t put your employees or your customers at risk – keep your environment secure and virus-free!

We are all in this together, and we will get through it. But it all starts with you!

Vic Tarasik has been an independent auto repair professional for more than three decades and is the former owner of Vic’s Precision Automotive in The Woodlands, Texas. He is the founder of Shop Owner Coach, a coaching and training organization that is committed to helping independent repair shop owners achieve their dreams through the intentional application of best business practices. Vic can be reached at [email protected].

This article was shared from our sister publication, Shop Owner.

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