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The Best Way To Secure A Digital Customer Journey

There's still a lot to learn about digital customer interaction. Do you know where to begin?

Everyone is curious about digital customer journeys. Having worked with digital customer journeys for years, I can say that customer journey practices in the automotive sector are as far from agile as anywhere else. Processes are far from defined, results are focused on the process and not the simplicity for customers, things move slow and there is little creativity. Now it´s going digital…

We will over the next few weeks publish a series of stories in relation to digital customer journeys with a focus on online booking of service appointments, key drop of and checkout with invoice payment.

Maximizing Online Booking and 24/7 Service

Giving employees and managers at your shop all the tools they need to succeed with digital customer journeys is the best way to ensure that their end customers (car owners) will adopt easily and increase the value of that investment.

• Simple & quick process

• Supported documents

• An achievable task

• Expert support

• A need for more

Sharebox onboarding, or as we call it Sharebox user onboarding, is when we provide a car repair shop manager or owner with documentation, tutorials, videos, or any other kind of help when using our software and hardware for the first time.

Onboarding is one of the most important touchpoints for us. It sets up the initial impression of the software and hardware for their new digital customer journey set up. It´s all about introducing the Sharebox 24/7 Service Station to the car repair workshop employees and helps ensure they find the product useful from the start.

– We make sure to make our onboarding as simple as possible so people starting from scratch can easily follow along.

Simple and quick processes

Although we want to have enough learning materials so shop employees can learn all of the ins and outs of the new software and hardware, it’s not needed for the onboarding. Our onboarding is simply about getting them up and running with many different methods of payment.

Supporting documents

Our onboarding system isn’t a replacement for the full manual. Yes, it´s a big document and it would take too long. When we introduce our service to an employee, we link them to supporting assets like FAQ and videos for more information if needed. Of course, this information is easy to find outside of the onboarding process as well (FAQ, YouTube).

Focus on achievable task

We don’t throw employees in a deep abyss. Trying something too advanced from the start is going to leave employees frustrated. We always start them off with a simple task that demonstrates the key features of our Sharebox 24/7 Service Station. Or if they use one of the integrated DMS, the key features on their MDS dashboard with the Sharebox button.

Support from our expert team

Some employees are going to have questions as they go through the onboarding process. And we´ve no problem providing personal support by chat, email or phone, that can get them the answer while they are still in the process.

Best Practices For Customized Integration

We´ve realized that we can’t teach all employees everything about tech with bits and bites during the onboarding process. It’s an introduction, not a full master’s degree course.

1. Quote accept

2. Registration

3. Welcome mail

4. Video meeting

5. Live operation

We always build user confidence

Confidence in using the Sharebox 24/7 Service Station is one of the key drivers of the employee’s perception while using it. An employee armed with the knowledge they need to succeed will feel more confident, and therefore more positive, about our software and hardware.

If our software and hardware does everything that an employee needs it to do and they’ve been thoroughly trained on how to do those things efficiently, they will become more reliant on our service. People who rely on our product talks about it. You get the point.

What to do after onboarding is completed?

We’ve said that onboarding shouldn’t teach employees everything they may want to know. Our customer success team provide additional training information to car repair workshop employees to provide them with the ability to use the service best possible. As you acknowledge, onboarding is just the start of the customer success journey for months and years to come.

Stay sharp, keep your knowledge bases updated

Because the employees don’t finish learning after onboarding, our knowledge base is a highly dynamic tool with fresh source of new information, software updates and tutorials on how employees can get the most out of the software and use its more the advanced features with DMS and payment provider integration.

Also not to forget, we reach out if we see usage declines

A slow growth for car repair workshops adoption with online booking and 24/7 service, or drop in usage, may be the result of car repair workshop employees not getting what they need from onboarding. If we notice lag or slow adoption in usage from a car repair workshop or group of employees, we reach out to them and ask if they need help. It´s as simple as that.

Remember, we´re just a click away if you would like to learn more. A chat on Teams, Zoom or other methods is an easy first step to discuss and share knowledge about synergies and customer experiences. Everything about the positives of course, but also routines needed to change on the way to go digital.

For more information visit Sharebox.

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