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Tech Feature: Troubleshooting BMW’s Condition Based Service System

BMW’s “Condition Based Service” (CBS) system monitors various maintenance items on the vehicle, and alerts the motorist when service is needed. But even this maintenance alert system can require maintenance itself.

Tech Feature: Acquiring Data on Scan Tools, Part II

Technical contributor Gary Goms discuss the importance of choosing the right scan tool, using scan tool database systems, graphing data, storing data for future use, analyzing scan tool data and using bi-directional controls.

Tech Tip: Mercedes-Benz MIL On/DTC P2034 Stored in ECU

If you receive customer reports in the affected model vehicles of the “check engine” light being activated after starting the engine, and code P2034 is stored in the engine control unit, the cause may be that the

Toyota Tech Feature: Diagnosing Today’s Complex Electronics Systems

Find out the latest innovations in scan tool technology, and what your scan tool should be doing for you.

Tech Tip: Hyundai Sonata Runs/Idles Rough/ DTC P0335 Set/MIL ON

This TSB has been revised to add a procedure to index the oil pump/balance shaft sprocket. Not properly indexing the sprocket may cause an engine vibration mostly noticed at 3,500-4,000 rpm.

Tech Tip: Multiple Cylinder Misfire or Rough Idle on Chrysler Models

This bulletin involves rotating all engine exhaust valves, replacing the valve spring retainer locks with a new design to increase valve rotation at lower rpm, inspecting/replacing the MAP sensor (as necessary), and decarbonizing the combustion

Tech Feature: Getting The Most Data From Your Scan Tool

It’s more than likely that many technicians use their scan tools as diagnostic trouble code (DTC) readers rather than as the analytical and testing tools that they really are.

Tech Feature: Cooler ‘Heads’ Prevail – Pouring Over GM’s LT1 Engine and Reverse-Flow Technology

The LT1 engine was used in a variety of General Motors models, including 1992-’96 Corvette (Y-body), 1993-’97 Camaro and Firebird (F-body), and 1994-’96 Chevy Caprice and Impala (B-body), Buick Roadmaster and Cadillac Fleetwood (D-body).

Tech Feature: 2010 Camaro Has Power To Spare

Recently, I had an opportunity to drive both the 3.6L DOHC V6 and the 6.2L V8 versions at a press event held at Road America race track in Elkhart Lake, WI. The first Camaro I drove on the track felt really strong and I assumed it was the V8. So, I was rather surprised when I opened the hood and found a V6 sitting under the plastic trim cover.

Tech Feature: Spark Plug Replacement is a ‘Big Deal’ in Today’s Market

While changing spark plugs used to be “no big deal,” today’s long-life spark plugs often require more extensive disassembly and more precise installation.

Porsche Engine Diagnostics: Misfire Codes, Fuel Trim Faults, Secondary Air Injection

Porsche has been building engines for decades that will literally fit in a suitcase, but are still able to put out horsepower that rivals many larger engines. Find out how to keep the Porsche Boxster engine running smoothly.

Nissan Tech Tip: DTC For Variable Valve Timing Control Function

On any 1996-2009 vehicle with variable vale timing, if the MIL is on with any of the following DTCs stored: P0011, P0014, P0021, P0024, P1110 or P1135, do not replace the variable valve timing solenoid valve or the sprocket(s) without performing the complete diagnosis indicated in the EC section of the service manual.