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New Garage Gives Underhood Service An Edge In 2020

The past few months have been a whirlwind of construction at the offices of Underhood Service. In just three months, we turned a relatively underused area of our warehouse into a state-of-the-art shop and training center.

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The Underhood Service Garage has three functions. First, the garage will be utilized to generate content for Underhood Service’s magazine and website. Second, it will serve as a training center. Third, this is a facility to demonstrate the latest tools, equipment and techniques.  

The Underhood Service Garage allows us to perform hands-on diagnostic and repair procedures so we’re sure the information we provide is accurate.

The first bay is equipped with a two-post lift. The bay has a tire changer and balancer. Next to it, we are installing a drive-on lift and alignment system. This bay will also serve as an ADAS calibration area for cameras and sensors. 

The garage has four large monitors for training and for displaying scope and scan tool information. Other sections of the garage include an area to look-up service information, a hand washing station and a locker room. The shop is also equipped with the latest hand and diagnostic tools.

In 2020, the new Underhood Service Garage will play a bigger role in our magazine and website.

In 2020, the new Underhood Service Garage will play a bigger role in our magazine and website. Also, the garage will be hosting live training events you can attend in-person or online. 

I look forward to sharing more with you under the hood soon!

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