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The Fight For The OBDII Port

Some techs have noticed coverage on some newer vehicles is not that great, they can’t access modules or tests are missing.

New Garage Gives Underhood Service An Edge In 2020

The Underhood Service Garage features latest auto technology to ensure our editorial is aligned with industry expectations.

Your Car, Your Data: Your Livelihood, Your Tools

Data is the new electronic currency of the automotive industry. By having vehicles connected to the OEMs with wireless technology, it allows engineers and the marketing department to look at the data generated by customers long after they have left the showroom.

Scare Tactic Training

The most challenging aspect of developing training is to avoid the “doom and gloom” scenarios.

Learn To Say ‘I Don’t Know’

Most trainers say what makes for a great diagnostic technician is not knowing everything but knowing what they don’t know. Some say they have an internal diagnostic strategy that finds problems with the vehicle and the fault with their thinking.

Vehicle Inspection Impact

Inspection programs got their start in the 1930s, when fatalities on the road increased to almost epidemic levels. During this period, drivers were three times more likely to die in an accident than today.

The Parts Problem: Aftermarket, Dealer Or Recycled

I often receive calls from shops looking for specific parts, or they call to complain about parts. Most of the vehicles in question are mainstream domestic and import nameplates that range from five to 15 years old. The parts may include HVAC actuators, ride height sensors and various modules, said Andrew Markel, director of content.

Marketing To Everybody: Concentrate On The Core, Not Stereotypes

No one likes to be stereotyped. Too often marketing “professionals” make assumptions about age or gender groups because it is easier than dealing with individuals. Stereotypes can cloud your judgment when it comes to your shop and how you market to new customers to hopefully expand your business.

The Lost Art Of The Phone Call

I hate to say it, but the phone call is a dying form of communication. Even with more phone numbers issued, the act of speaking into a phone is a lost art with some people. For them, it is easier to send a text message, instant message or post something on social media.

The Auto Loan Bubble: Could The Bursting Benefit Your Shop?

In November, it was reported that in the U.S. there is approximately $1.23 trillion in automotive financing debt (traditional loans and leasing) for both new and used vehicles, according to several financial analysts and federal institutions. What is really shocking is that for the past six years, outstanding vehicle debt has risen more than 57 percent. Some people are calling it an “auto loan bubble” that is just starting to burst.

The American Image Problem

I am going to say it, American technicians have a bad image. But, the image is not the reality. Most technicians are electricians, fabricators, engineers, IT troubleshooters and entrepreneurs all rolled into one. But, we are still fighting the image problem with consumers who think anyone can fix a car, or they are too smart to get their hands dirty.

Replacement Auto Part Standards And Regulations

With the recent tariffs going into effect, it has sparked the discussion about regulations for vehicle replacement parts to keep some imported auto parts off the market. Most people think that with a stroke of a pen dangerous and sub-standard parts could be banned and parts quality will be improved overnight. But, what standards should be applied? Who should do the testing? This is where things get tricky.